Landing pages should be a vital and important component in any businesses sales and Lead generation strategy and process and Trilogy Web Solutions are experts in producing Landing pages that are impactful and convert.

A landing page offers a prospective customer a resource, such as an ebook, webinar signup, special offer, in exchange for their basic contact information. The goal of these pages is to generate leads while you pull prospects further into the customer funnel. Typically, these Landing pages should be designed with the existing website in mind from a style and look and feel perspective, however with no menu that would allow visitors to peruse other pages on your website.

A landing page is designed to get an audience to take action and the most effective way to accomplish that goal is by using one call-to-action on the page. The perfect landing page doesn’t confuse audiences by pushing them in multiple directions. It’s built around one, clear call-to-action and continually uses copy that guides the audience toward taking that step.

Landing Pages

Whilst landing pages can be used for more than just “Lead Generation” or as a “Sales Funnel” such as having a one page site whilst the full website is being made, there are some standard features that you should try and include on every landing page as per the top 10 listed below:

  • Compelling heading
  • Hero shot
  • No menu
  • One “Call to Action”
  • Not too much text
  • Only have one offer
  • Use copy that sells
  • Forms
  • Social proof (testimonials)
  • Responsive design (so it looks good on mobile)
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